Spiritual vs. Financial Abundance

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AbundanceU is about WINNING FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Or feeling fantastic both inside and outside! This site & group is also about both Spiritual Abundance and Physical or financial / money abundance.


Spiritual abundance and flow is what you are naturally & effortlessly in your real self. It is our true and natural state, once we get out of the resistances, fears, and blocks we are in. It is being in the Cycle of Abundance space or Higher Space always, which is the symbol for our group! It is about being true to yourself and true to others. It is Winning from the inside out, in alignment with who you are and what you want. If you have tried to make money or be wealthy and not had too much success, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you learn Spiritual Abundance or WINNING FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Take the time to learn about the Cycle of Abundance and how to stay in there 100% all the time! This is what we teach in this site for free!

Physical or financial or monetary abundance is about finding the highest quality path or vehicles that are proven to work, which are perfect or right for you! This path will definitely lead you to achieving your goals. This is about finding or creating a job or career for yourself that you can feel passionate about! That gives you short term and long term satisfaction, makes you feel fantastic, makes you feel that you are providing incredible value to others. Makes you fall in love with yourself, your life and everything you are doing! Because a job or career that you love is life enhancing, not life draining. It makes you excited about getting out of bed every morning! This is also about getting out of the confusion and into greater understanding & self confidence.

As I said in the previous paragraph, the path I will share with you in this site is a Life Enhancing path that gives you life or energy. Not a life draining path that drains your life force energy and leaves you stressed out or dead at the end of the day. This is very important to understand! This is why this is night and day different.

So definitely take your time going through this site!

IT WILL ALSO BE GOOD FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND MUCH BETTER what 'Winning From The Inside Out' really means. So please see a 15 minute movie clip from the movie Three Wishes starring Patrick Swayze. I saw this movie 20 years ago and was highly motivated to share this movie clip with everyone who visits this site! This is a MUST SEE! SEE THIS MOVIE CLIP!

three wishes movie
(Click the pic to see the 15 min clip from Three Wishes movie! MUST SEE! Do it now -- It's Excellent!)